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Mind & Soul Wellness Bath Salts

Mind & Soul Wellness Bath Salts

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To help create the right healing ambiance, Custom Dead Sea Salts are often used for therapeutic healing. With a hint of lavender scent, your floral and herbal lavender bouquet creates an aromatic experience. Fill your tub with warm water and add a few (or as many you like) scoops of Dead Sea Salts. Packaged in a designer gift pouch, it's an added touch to your therapeutic art box! 

Your Mind & Soul Wellness Bath Salts include:
  • Sealed 8 oz. packet of Lavender Fine Grain Dead Sea Salt
  • Plastic scoop & desiccant (silica) packet for dryness.
  • Beautiful designer gift pouch.
If salts are moist, allow to naturally dry in open air before packaging. Salt will absorb moisture from the environment which can cause salt to harden or clump. Store at room tempature in supplied sealed pouch & desiccant (silica) packets to keep dry.
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