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Mind & Soul: Healing Art Box

Mind & Soul: Healing Art Box

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The Healing Art Box applies art therapeutics to the healing process. We all experience emotional distress at some point in our lives. Through loss (human or pet), depression and life's disruptions, our healing art supplies provide a safe outlet for reducing stress and aiding in emotional healing. No prior artistic experience is necessary, as this healing art kit comes with easy and exploratory projects, that encourage self expression through oil pastel and watercolor. There is no right or wrong way to produce art and the Healing Art Box is designed to aid in your comfort during a difficult time.

Designed to aid in the healing process with creative ideas for any age. Helps to create a path to a healing journey.

Your Healing Art Box includes:
  • Healing art supplies to help process difficult feelings, our healing art boxes featues:
  • 2 projects (Oil Pastel & Watercolor)
  • Quality Materials
  • Resources
  • Instructional Videos
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