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Paint Tray with Foam Rollers

Paint Tray with Foam Rollers

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Hygloss Paint Tray With 4 3" Foam Rollers.

With these decorative foam rollers you can create unique shapes, zany designs and borders. Great for the classroom, scrapbooks and much more! This set comes with a plastic paint tray and foam rollers with 4 designs. These foam rollers will add dimension and pop to your next paint or crafts project!

  • 4 different shapes, Solid, 3-Stripes. 4-Stripes and Checkerboard

  • Create some super-creative designs and borders.

  • Use these foam rollers for classroom decorations, bulletin boards, scrapbooks, catchy posters and much more!

  • Perfect for craft and painting projects.
  • They are fun for kids of all ages and adults as well!

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