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Christian Art Box: Bundle B

Christian Art Box: Bundle B

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Save with our Christian Art Bundle Box. Your box contains 12 projects, complete with corresponding Bible scriptures, video instructions and art materials. Strengthen your family’s faith while creating with colored pencil, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, pen and oil pastel. Your Christian Bundled Art kit helps provide your child with faith based art projects. Perfect for groups, large families & events. Recommended ages 5 - Adult.

Your Christian Art Box is filled with creative ideas curated from a curriculum designed by art educators. Creative, fun & educational for kids & adults. 

Your Bundle Box includes:
  • 12 projects
  • Quality Materials
  • Instructional Videos
  • Educational Resources
Projects included:
  • Baby Moses (Oil Pastel)
  • David & Goliath (Pen Drawing)
  • Rooted In Faith (Oil Pastel)
  • The Cornerstone (Colored Pencil)
  • Holy Spirit (Colored Pencil)
  • Lion and Lamb (Color Pencil)
  • "He Loved Us First" Heart Design (Marker)
  • Watercan Of Love (Colored Pencil)
  • Hannah's Prayers (Colored Pencil)
  • Loaves and Fishes (Acrylic Paint)
  • Gabriel Visits Mary (Colored Pencil)
  • Shepherd and Angels (Watercolor)
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