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I Create Art

Artist Accessory Special

Artist Accessory Special

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Tools of the Trade for any artist! Choose from a variety of artist's accessories to help in their creative adventure. Featuring a Color Wheel for learning about color relationships, a Carry Case for the artist's supplies and an Apron for staying clean through the process.

Purchase all 3 at a Special Price of only $29.99!

Color Wheels
are ideal for any artist learning about color theory. A visual aid for illustrating and teaching color relationships. Easy to use and understand, this basic tool is used by teachers, students, artists, and anyone making color selections for their art box. 5 1/8th Diameter with Gray Scale.

  • Each wheel includes gray scale, tints, tones, shades, results of mixing colors.
  • Illustrations of color harmonies (complementary, split complementary, triadic, and more).
  • Defines primary colors, secondary colors, warm and cool colors, basic terms, and more.
  • Small size, fits easily in pocket or in an I Create Art Carry Case.

Aprons keep artists clean from paint and other art mediums.

  • Made Of 80 Gram, Non-Woven, Coated Water-Resistant Polypropylene.
  • Fits children and adults.
  • 2 Front Pockets For Holding Materials.
  • Tie Straps.
  • Blue with White Logo
  • 24"w x 28"h
Carry Case With Zipper keeps your art supplies in a convenient pouch so that you can create on the go. Supplies fit securely & stay dry in this non-woven zippered sleeve. Easy to carry, fits different size items & allows easy portable storage of your favorite mediums.
  • 10.5" high x 13" wide.
  • Zippered Closure. Colors vary
  • Spot Clean/Air Dry.
  • Made Of 80 Gram Non-Woven, Coated Water-Resistant Polypropylene.
  • Holds a variety of materials: brushes, pastels, paper, color wheel, paints, aprons & more!
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