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I Create Art

AA: Mandala & Ukiyo_E

AA: Mandala & Ukiyo_E

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Create art inspired by different civilizations with your Ukiyo-E and Mandala projects. Use watercolors to create a limited color palette landscape painting based on the Ukiyo-E style. The mandala printmaking project teaches about redial balance and symmetry as you create an original circular design.

Each art box is filled with creative ideas curated from a curriculum designed by art educators. Creative, fun & educational for kids & adults. Please note that Advanced Artist projects are not step-by-step instruction. They are designed for students who have the ability to draw independently, but seek guidance to ideas. For step-by-step instruction, we recommend The Creative Artist Collection. Contact us with any questions for the art box that best suits your needs.

Your I Create Art Box includes:
  • 2 projects
  • Quality Materials
  • Instructional Videos
  • Educational Resources
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