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Colored Pencils (Long Sizes)

Colored Pencils (Long Sizes)

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Crayola Brand Colored Pencils. Long Size. Assorted colors in a variety of box sizes.

  • Choose box size.
  • Available in a variety of box counts upon request.
  • Contact us for quantity discounts.

Pre sharpened points stay sharp longer and resharpen easier than most colored pencils. Features a thick soft core that don't break easily under pressure. Bright colors provide smooth, scratch-free laydown and are perfect for color mixing and blending.

  • Feature thick, intensely colored cores for smooth, rich laydown.
  • Long-lasting, pre-sharpened.
  • Premium quality art tools made from reforested wood.
  • Ideal for drawing methods requiring precise lines, greater detail and control of color. Sets includes a variety of size packs of quality colored pencils.

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